Lohstroh Family Farms is a beautiful, picturesque location for family, holiday and engagement shoots. The farm’s sunflower field and pumpkin patch are the perfect backdrop for photography sessions!

General Photography Rules

  • Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to photograph individuals/families at the farm at the times we are open for business and must leave the grounds at the time we close or designate.
  • Photography will be limited to the public areas of the farm. Do not enter neighboring fields. No other fields are open to the public. Do not open any gate.
  • Stay off all farm equipment including, no climbing trees, grain facilities or barns.
  • Props in the field may not be moved
  • Lohstroh Family Farm reserves the right to ask you to move or leave the premises if you are disruptive or not complying with the farm’s policies.
  • Drones, pets, alcohol and smoking/vaping are prohibited, including all photography sessions.

 Professional Photographers

Read the Photography Agreement, print, sign and bring to the farm

  • Email  your requested time for photo session/s at least 2 days in advance.  Lohstroh Family Farms will respond to your request. While we work to honor the date and times, rainfall, temperature and sunlight ultimately determine the bloom time or fruiting of the crops.  We will try to notify you as soon as possible about any potential changes. 
  • We do not accept calls to schedule appointments.
  • Photography Fee: Payment is due upon arrival at the farm before a session begins.
    • Fee is $35/hour for the photographer for approved sessions. There is a per person entry fee to the sunflower or pumpkin field for each client.
    • It is the responsibility of the photographer to communicate the per person field entry fees to their clients.  
  • Check-In: All photographers must check-in prior to your session.
    • Check in at the Farm Market with a manager.
    • Pay the $35 Photography Fee.
    • Submit a signed Photography Agreement.
  • Other people will be in the fields.  There are no exclusive times set for photography.
  • Small props and camera gear that can be carried are permitted in the sunflower field and near the farm market and must be removed after the session; driving to the field is not permitted. You must park in the parking lot.  Only camera and lenses are allowed in the pumpkin field. 
  • Schedule clients so that you are finished before the farm closes the field for the day.  
  • Be courteous and respectful of our property, farm activities, livestock, crops and customers. You should leave the farm in the same condition and cleanliness as when you arrived.
  • No areas of the field may be closed or blocked off from other guests.
  • Contact Lohstroh Family Farms immediately if you are unable to keep an approved session appointment.
  • Lohstroh Family Farm reserves the right to ask you to move or leave the premises if you are disruptive or not complying with the farm’s policies.
  • Lohstroh Family Farms reserves the right to alter this policy or refuse photographer access at any time for any reason.
  • Published photos (Face book, Instagram, Blog, web) should credit the location of the photograph (Lohstroh Family Farms, Mt. Sterling, OH).
  • Lohstroh Family Farms welcomes all photo submissions! If you share your photos with us, with your permission and credit, we may use them in print and/or online.

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Updated 7/2021