We look forward to seeing you!

The farm market is open September 1-November 4!

Sunflower Pic and Pics starts September 1 and runs for as long as we have flowers.

Info on what we offer Pumpkins & Fall Farm Market

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Frequently Asked Questions   CLICK here FAQ

A Few Rules on the Farm

    To protect our farm livestock and for the safety of our guests, pets are not permitted. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
  • Trained Service Animals are welcome on the farm.
  • NO SMOKING/VAPING We are a Smoke-Free/Vape Free Farm.
  • Alcohol is prohibited.
  • No Drones.


  • There are bees on the farm.
  • We encourage you to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions and wear farm worthy shoes.
  • Please inquire if you need an accommodation.